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I will no longer be updating this blog.
Please kindly visit my website www.ishahening.com for more info about my works.


Free Download: Psychedelica Loops Pack

Free loops pack! Yay! I'm so excited!
I've been VJing for quite a long time now, umm.. not that long, around 4-5 years.
Anyway, there were times when I needed new loops for VJing, but I didn't have much time (energy and will)
to make them myself, I would look up for free loops around the internet.
Free loops always saved me back then.
I'm always grateful for the nice fellas who made them and generous enough to share.

Now I think it's time to give back to the community.
I made an HD loops pack contains 10 fast-paced loops and you can download it for free!
I personally think, because I love DnB, these loops are perfect for DnB gigs.
But of course it's up to you how do you want to use them.
Sharing is caring right? Or if I do say so myself, VJing is sharing.

Psychedelica Loops Pack - Teaser


Tying The Knot and Whatnot

A bite of my personal life here, I'm married now.
Me and my husband didn't want a big wedding we decided to have this,

A private gig for our close friends.
We were so lucky to have such great bands/friends like Jirapah, Bottlesmoker,
Polka Wars, Fever to Tell and Individual Distortion performing on our wedding.

It was really simple and really fun at the same time.
Great bands, pizzas, and beers. Such a good time.

And finally, please meet my husband Gilar Di Aria.

He's a writer and musician. A very talented one.

Kid Cudi and M.I.A Live at Potato Head Beach Club, Bali

VJing with my VJ partner, Tri Hartono.
We played for Dipha Barus on both events.
Great parties as usual.
Thanks Potato Head Beach Club for having us again and again!

Djakarta Warehouse Project 2012

VJing at Ismaya Live's Djakarta Warehouse Project 2012.
I was Vjing at MLD Spot Stage with this line up,

It was CRAZY! Thanks DWP 2012 for having me.

Video Mapping: Lacoste L!VE

Video mapping for Lacoste L!VE! launching party at Dragonfly, Jakarta.
Featuring performances by Roman Foot Soldier, DJ AP, and Dipha Barus.
A night to set Lacoste L!VE in Jakarta.

I haven't upload my mapping documentation.
In the meantime, here's a video from the event.

And here's from Lacoste L!VE's blog.

Justice Live in Bali

VJ-ing for Justice, at Potato Head Beach Club, Bali.

With my dear partners Tri and Guntech.
Another great gig in 2012.

Oh, that's me.

Visual Showreel 2012

Ha! My this-has-been-long-overdue-but-finally-done 2012 visual showreel.
I skipped 2011, because I had more of VJing gigs than studio works that year.


Music: "A Dream Within A Dream" by The Glitch Mob (Skeet Skeet Remix).

Some of the people who have already seen it, said the opening and closing title are tacky.
I said, people are way too serious lately. Tsk.

The Vessel

My latest work, The Vessel. Music by Gilar Di Aria.

Exhibited as visual mapping installation at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, Kemang - Jakarta.
As part of "Maps, Reimagined" group exhibition.

Curatorial by Mitha Budhyarto:
"All maps contain directions and routes: attempts to plots these routes may roughly defined as navigation. This is an idea that Isha explores in this work. At the beginning of the work, we are presented with a spaceship made up of tetris tiles, which is taking itself apart; afterwards, they gradually reconstruct themselves to create a sailboat. This happens simultaneously as the landscape from the sides of the screen takes over the background, so that we end up with an absorbing experience of the sailboat journeying over the changing sceneries. Here, the routes taken by the sailboat represent her current personal directions. Whereas as a spaceship appears grand but is removed from reality, in a simple sailboat that moves slowly, Isha imagines herself to be closer to the world that surrounds her and more open to appreciate whatever adventure she may come across."

Motion by Design: Mograph Sharing Session

Motion by Design Meet Up #3.
This time, Aras Darmawan, Sakti Marendra, and I had the chance to share our experiences in the industry.
All of us are motion graphics artists, only with different areas of specialization.
Aras has been doing a lot of commercials, while Sakti has done a tons of music video.
As for me, I love stage/live visual and visual mapping.
The best part, we're actually best friends. We used to hang out together before Aras moved to New York.
Anyway, the sharing session went very well. It was packed!

Thank you all for coming, thank you MBD. So much fun!

It's Love

A bit personal post.
A tad sad news, I just got out of hospital few days ago. A good news, I'm still alive.
Doing nothing for weeks has made me realize how I love my job.
As much as I love staying at home with my boyfriend, I still miss going to studio.
I miss my co-workers, I miss working, I miss the rush, the fun, the stress, the deadline.
Being a motiongrapher, VJ, visual artist or whatever we may call it, has really grown on me.
And vice versa.

Avicii Live in Jakarta

Second time VJ-ing for Avicii.
I'm not listening to his music, but surprisingly, it was definitely one of my best gig ever.
Avicii, the crowd, the lighting, the energy, the vibe, everything, everyone was crazy!
The locals talents were also great, especially Angger Dimas, he really nailed it.
We had so much fun that night.

Some documentations,

Great night!

Featured in NYLON Magazine

April 2012, Music Issue.
On "Girls on Gigs" article by Alexander Kusuma Putra.
Photo by my dear friend, Muhammad Asranur.

Thank you NYLON :)


In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar and writing songs.
I wrote this one morning and asked Gilar to sing with me.
We recorded it later at night and our friend Ninu came along with his drums.
The I made this video, using an old footage of a bus ride back to London from
Stratford-upon-Avon, I had in 2011.

Enjoy :)

Shinichi Osawa Live in Jakarta

If you have known me long enough, or if you know me in person,
you've probably noticed that I'm a huge fan of Shinichi Osawa.
Actually, I was planning to see his performance at Future Music festival,
but I had to cancel the plan for I was too busy with work at that time.
But dear, good things come for those who wait (and try).
One of my dream was VJ-ing for him. And it has come true.
It happened that my work partner, Guntech, is also a big fan of Mr. Osawa.
We ran to backstage 15 minutes before his performance to meet him. He was so nice and humble.
I was speechless and grinning uncontrollably.

Our visual set up. Pretty awesome, 43 LED screens.

Thank you Mr.Osawa.

Funny thing, I made a tribute video to Shinichi Osawa's remix of Chemical Brothers' Star Guitar,
around 3 years ago.
And I managed to play the video while he was playing the song live. One of the best feeling ever.

Another best thing,

Love Garage 2012: Röyksopp and Bag Raiders

2012 has been a very busy year so far. Many exciting projects and gigs.
One of them is the Love Garage.
I played for Röyksopp. I was also VJ-ing for Bag Raiders (which I really love too - thank God), Canyons, Rory Phillips and Erol Alkan.
The gig was nice. I love Röyksopp, Bag Raiders, and Erol Alkan, it was such an honor VJ-ing for them.

Hey that's me, my super serious face, and my VJ-ing partner, Tri Hartono a.k.a Rimbawan Gerilya

We (the other Fear FX geeks and I) also made a projection mapping installation for the show.
I'll upload the mapping content soon.. Maybe.

You can see some of the pictures from the event here:

Beginning Within The End

A collaboration with:
Erick Est (director)
Monez Gusmang (graphic designer/illustrator)
Panji Krishna (motion designer)

For Bali Creative Festival 2011.

Music: "Typography" by Bottlesmoker

Again, this was made overnight.

House of The Brokenhearted People

My work for Culture Vulture Exhibition.
An audio visual installation, this video was projected to a window in a small dark room.

House of The Brokenhearted People is a video about my home and family.
I came from what people often call, a broken home. I used to refuse to believe in that term.
The home is still there, but is not a home anymore. It's merely a house. The only thing that is broken is the heart of the people who used to live there.
But if we give it a second thought, the term 'broken home' is pretty make sense. Like the old saying, 'home is where your heart is', if you have a broken heart, then you're practically have a broken home.

Gilar Di Aria from Swimming Elephants, wrote the beautiful song.
He's really talented. I love him.

Runaway Without Leaving

My audio visual installation for 'La Composition Seduisante' a group exhibition at Edwin's Gallery.
The artists were given a bag of assorted batik fabrics each, to be used in the artworks.

I made an audio visual installation called 'Runaway Without Leaving'.
It's about.. Well, the title basically says it all.

Hello 2012

It's been quite a long time since I've posted something on this blog. I once changed the blog's format into professional website look, but then I realized, I didn't post anything ever since, so I decided to change it back into blog format.

Hopefully I'll post more about my works.

P.S. : I just got engaged. *digital fist bump*

Bottlesmoker Concert's Interlude: Semantic Island

I did the whole visual for Bottlesmoker Concert: Theater of Mind.
This is the visual for the interlude, using one of Bottlesmoker's song, Semantic Island.

This visual was made overnight.

Balloons: Noises by GAP Album Launch at The GOODS Dept

This is one of the visuals I made for the album launch event at The GOODS Dept.
It was probably the most emotional show I ever did.


In memory of Gendra (1992-2010)

Song: Balloons
Artist: Noises by GAP (Gendra Aldyasa Pasaman)
Album: Sonic Sun

Video Mapping at Grand Kemang Hotel

Another video mapping project with Sembilan Matahari team
and my best friend Anggun Syaputra a.k.a Guntech.
Sound design by Way Gabriel.
For Indonesia Contemporary Art and Design 02 (ICAD 02) opening night.

As usual, I did the motion graphics and 2D stuffs, Guntech did the 3D and vfx things.
It was a crazy fast project, we actually finished the rendering around 15 minutes before the show.
I wasn't really happy with the result. It wasn't my best.
It's not bad at all, but we just need more time.

Featured in Free! Magazine

About my works, visual and stuff.
Big thanks to Ms. Arletha Sutopo and Free! Magz team.
Been a pleasure :)

Oh look at my stupid grin. Err..
Btw, you can read the online version here!

Video Mapping for TokyoFlash Japan at The GOODS Dept

Simple video mapping for TokyoFlash Japan and Urban Icon store private launch party.
Yolando Siahaya helped me on VJ-ing and set up.
Tri Hartono did the SFX.
Beats at the party by Hogi Wirjono.
Thanks to all The Goods Dept and Urban Icon's crew!

Documentation video from Vinodii's account,

P.S: I got free watch. Sweet.

Fashion Installation - Beatfest MGMT: Dana Maulana

My latest project, I just did few days ago at the Beatfest: MGMT live in concert, Jakarta.
Dana Maulana is the founder and creative director of Danjyo Hiyoji, one of Indonesia's best fashion label/designers.
We made this audio visual installation using Danjyo Hiyoji's outfits and my visuals.
This is one out of six videos were displayed.
This one is my favorite, the song is Your Way by Netsky.
I love DnB so much and thought it would be cool to combine fashion with DnB.
And it is! I guess :p
This video was projected on translucent screen after Danjyo's outfits.

Director: Reuben Tourino, Isha Hening
Creative Director: Dana Maulana
Fashion Designer: Syarifah Liza, Adrianus Rama Dauhan (Danjyo Hiyoji)
D.O.P: Reuben Tourino, Bona Soetirto
Gaffer: Sigit
Make up: Dewi
Offline-Online Editor/Projection Installation: Isha Hening
Talent: Kemala Putri, Mikael Jasin