OJAI: Batu Belah Betangkup

Live Performance | Motion Graphic

Woohoo! I did visual for an opera for the first time at Salihara Theatre, Jakarta.
Batu Belah Betangkup is the first project of OJAI (Opera Jelajah Anak Indonesia).
OJAI is a children opera program initiated by Sekolah Cikal.
As usual, I made the visual backdrops with my partner, 3D artist, Zaki Fauzan.
Batu Belah Betangkup is an Indonesian folklore from Riau.
Great traditional music blended with colorful traditional clothes and dances.
With a special performance from a Melayu dance maestro, Tom Ibnur.
And those kids were adorable!
Cute project and were having a really good time :)

Few pics from the FOH.