Be the part of this electronic coolness.
Be the part of Bottlesmoker's new video!

I'm currently working on something really fun.
Again, with my favourite electronic band on earth, Bottlesmoker.
And this time it's gonna be super fun.
We want YOU to participate!

Be the part of Bottlesmoker's new video, Love Saturday!
Have you heard Love Saturday?
Love Saturday is a song about lovely things we love to do on Saturday.
And we want you to be the part of the music video!
How to?

- Draw an object related to things you love to do on Saturday
For example, if you love playing guitar on Saturday, draw a guitar.
If you love baking on Saturday, draw a cake.

- Scan or take photograph of your drawing.

- Send the picture to

- Each person only allowed to send one picture.

- We prefer black and white picture

- We'll be very happy if you send us good quality picture (clear, not blurry, etc)

- We have the right not to use pictures with poor quality

- The submission will be closed on Saturday, 17 April 2010

- Everyone can join! Bottlesmoker lovers, Bottlesmoker haters, men, women, boys, girls, young, old, everyone!

I will turn the pictures you send us into an animation video.
Join us! Submit now!

You can check out the song here.

Let's draw something ;)