The Vessel

My latest work, The Vessel. Music by Gilar Di Aria.

Exhibited as visual mapping installation at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, Kemang - Jakarta.
As part of "Maps, Reimagined" group exhibition.

Curatorial by Mitha Budhyarto:
"All maps contain directions and routes: attempts to plots these routes may roughly defined as navigation. This is an idea that Isha explores in this work. At the beginning of the work, we are presented with a spaceship made up of tetris tiles, which is taking itself apart; afterwards, they gradually reconstruct themselves to create a sailboat. This happens simultaneously as the landscape from the sides of the screen takes over the background, so that we end up with an absorbing experience of the sailboat journeying over the changing sceneries. Here, the routes taken by the sailboat represent her current personal directions. Whereas as a spaceship appears grand but is removed from reality, in a simple sailboat that moves slowly, Isha imagines herself to be closer to the world that surrounds her and more open to appreciate whatever adventure she may come across."