Shinichi Osawa Live in Jakarta

If you have known me long enough, or if you know me in person,
you've probably noticed that I'm a huge fan of Shinichi Osawa.
Actually, I was planning to see his performance at Future Music festival,
but I had to cancel the plan for I was too busy with work at that time.
But dear, good things come for those who wait (and try).
One of my dream was VJ-ing for him. And it has come true.
It happened that my work partner, Guntech, is also a big fan of Mr. Osawa.
We ran to backstage 15 minutes before his performance to meet him. He was so nice and humble.
I was speechless and grinning uncontrollably.

Our visual set up. Pretty awesome, 43 LED screens.

Thank you Mr.Osawa.

Funny thing, I made a tribute video to Shinichi Osawa's remix of Chemical Brothers' Star Guitar,
around 3 years ago.
And I managed to play the video while he was playing the song live. One of the best feeling ever.

Another best thing,