House of The Brokenhearted People

My work for Culture Vulture Exhibition.
An audio visual installation, this video was projected to a window in a small dark room.

House of The Brokenhearted People is a video about my home and family.
I came from what people often call, a broken home. I used to refuse to believe in that term.
The home is still there, but is not a home anymore. It's merely a house. The only thing that is broken is the heart of the people who used to live there.
But if we give it a second thought, the term 'broken home' is pretty make sense. Like the old saying, 'home is where your heart is', if you have a broken heart, then you're practically have a broken home.

Gilar Di Aria from Swimming Elephants, wrote the beautiful song.
He's really talented. I love him.