RAN: Mencuri Hati

Heyya! Been kinda busy lately, couldn't find the time to update this blog.
Anyway.. my not-so-latest project, a music video using video mapping projection as the main concept.
Video music of one of the best Indonesian pop act, RAN. For their song, Mencuri Hati.
I did this video together with my best friend, a very talented director and motion designer, Sakti Marendra.
The process was really fun and we're pretty happy with the result.

RAN - Mencuri Hati (2011)
Production House: AIDEA Production
Director: Sakti Marendra & Isha Hening
Producer: Yudha Hari Radithe
D.O.P: Deska Binarso
Motion Graphic: Sakti Marendra & Isha Hening
Video Mapping: Isha Hening
Offline/Online Editor: Sakti Marendra

Behind the scene.