Tiba-Tiba Hamil: Bite X Isha Hening

This video took part in Konfiden Short Film Festival 2009 opening program 'Lagu Gambar Gerak'
along with another 9 videos from another 9 video artists and another 9 musicians/bands.
I paired up with Indonesian pop rock band, Bite.
The program was initiated by Harlan Boer a.k.a Bin (ERK) and Ipoenk a.k.a Video Robber.

This video also took part in V International Women Film Festival 2010.
Screened together with 'Say My Name' a film by Nirit Peled from USA.

Tiba-tiba Hamil means pregnant suddenly. The idea for this video came from the song.
It is about a teenager who becomes pregnant, a common occurence for lots of young girls.
In such situations, it is always the girl who suffers the most.
In this video, I try to expose the issue by using another social situation that is common lately
— social network sites — where we don’t really need to know a person and their life.
We just look at their profile page,
and get a small or large insight of what is happening to that person.